The Mapping Challenge

On 15 & 16th of June, Fruits of Thought together with Mountbatten Ltd launched the Mapping Challenge 2012 plotting schools, roads, health clinics, land use, water points, shops among other features in Kampala and any other part of Uganda, on OpenStreetMap.
The challenge invites the 3 best mappers to join the September Road Trip to 5 universities throughout Uganda!!

How can you join?

  1. Create an account on OpenStreetMap
  2. E-mail us your user name
  3. Start editing on OpenStreetMap click here for tutorials.
  4. Connect to the network on Twitter and Face book

Prize Giving

On 28th August 2012, a professional jury will invite the best 3 mappers to join the road trip based on:

  • Activity on OpenStreetMap, how many traces you uploaded and how many edits you are responsible for.
  • Quality of your edits; whether you have used the correct tags for the features and in how much detail you have described what you see. For example, did you include the name and full address of the features you mapped?
  • Creativity in your work. Sometimes it might not be clear what tag you can use to describe the type of road or feature. We would like to see how you deal with these challenges.
  • Networking on Face book and Twitter. Have you been talking to the other mappers?


to be announced..


Mapping events attract a great mix of people with different backgrounds though in mosts cases with a bias in Geographical Information Systems (GIS)/ Mapping and ICT. This gives one a chance to learn from more experienced mappers about the latest in these fields of expertise. The Mapping Challenge welcomes students from different Universities in Kampala.