Mapping Challenge 2012: Building the Ugandan OpenStreetMap Network

Some important tips that can be followed by the participants

The challenge is to select the best 3 mappers, who will make most edits and also have an understanding of other tools, resources and aims of the OSM project. Besides tracking your activities, another important tip is to send a link for your work, and we shall record or even reply to you. This is how you can do that;

  • Login to your account, or Create an account on OpenStreetMap.
  • Go through these two manuals which have clear guidelines.

  1. Introduction to OSM and Potlatch.
  2. Learn OSM.

  • Start editing the map by plotting your desired areas of interest.
  • Send us a link for your work, how?;

  1. After editing in potlatch, log out.
  2. Go to view on the menu.
  3. Refresh the page to see your changes.
  4. Select permalink at the bottom right corner of the page.
  5. Copy and save/send the resulting link in the address bar of your web browser.

Here is the short presentation that was used to explain about the challenge:

Results from the mapping challenge

After an introduction by Douglas and Ketty, the core Mapping Day Team, the groups were quickly made and GPS devices equally distributed. For the 2 days teams were challenged to find their way in Kabalagala. A lot of schools, businesses, commercial activity, bars, restaurants, untraced roads, banks, petrol stations and many other features were mapped.

The first team drove off with walking papers and satellite imagery of the vivid junction in Kabalagala, they added a few new roads to the map, drew buildings, an ATM and they found the Rastafarian Park. This image shows the area before it was mapped.
Kabalagala Overview image before the mapping challenge Click here to see Kabalagala after being mapped!

The second team managed to reach their destination and back, by "hitch-hiking". Their responsibility was covering the features on both the left and right side of Kibuli Road, take note of the blank areas before being mapped.
Kibuli Road in Kabalagala image before the mapping challengeFollow this link for Kibuli Road after, and we think they did a great job.

The third team surprised us all. They traveled with 4 people on 2 Boda Boda's all the way up to Nsambya area but changed their plan and mapped an area behind the Uchumi supermarket on Gabba Road. This part of town has a huge stretched area with furniture shops, a university and police barracks. Here is how the area looked like, before.
Gabba Road in Kabalagala image before the mapping challenge Go here to view Gabba Road in Kabalagala after mapping.

Lastly, the fourth team stayed a bit closer, around tank hill and did a great job mapping residential area's, Non Governmental Organizations, kindergartens and primary schools.

Tank Hill Road Before
Tank Hill Road in Kabalagala image before the mapping challenge Click to see Tank Hill Road After.

All teams presented their works at the end of the day and were serious on continuing their edits. After seeing all the great work that was done, we quickly forgot about any challenges like Potlatch loading slowly, and celebrated a successful and fun day of the event!

Thanks everyone and keep it up!