How to map

If you would like to have a good start to the whole process, use the down-loadable resources such as Learn OSM and Introduction to OSM and Potlatch , as well as the OpenStreetMap wiki page , where the majority of the resources are all open licensed.

How to edit with Potlatch

We wrote our own (additional) material as well which we share on the wiki. The first edition created by Mapping Day is about Editing with Potlatch (online OpenStreetMap editor) which you can download.

You can select topics from LearnOSM on these links;

Chapter 1: Introduction to Mapping
Chapter 2: Beginning with OpenStreetMap
Chapter 3: Getting started with JOSM
Chapter 4: Using the GPS
Chapter 5: Using Walking Papers
Chapter 6: Editing OpenStreetMap with JOSM
Chapter 7: Advanced Editing
Chapter 8: Moving Forward

How to get in contact with us

and we shall keep in touch whenever possible.

How to Load a map to a Garmin Venture HC GPS device

Coming soon......
(Q & A page where some common questions and answers will be provided)

How to Organise your own Mapping Day

If you would like to organise your own Mapping Day with friends, family or complete strangers, please have a look;

Sample Checklist for one to organize a mapping day

  1. Confirm with the Participants and their number (10 or more).
  2. Secure a Location and Venue to accommodate the participants
  3. Come up with a name and set the date for the event.
  4. Make the event known (advertise with different media) and invite experts.
  5. Prepare photos and/or video to capture the event
  6. Prepare walking papers, g.p.s units, pens/pencils, writing boards, and instructiions for groups
  7. Ensure that the computers can run the software to digitize collected data.
  8. Prepare a presentation.
  9. Prepare the program for the day.
  10. Ensure that logistics(transport, refreshments, or lunch) are available, if necessary.