• Mbarara University of Science & Technology Students
  • GPS Devices and Walking Papers
  • Discussing the follow up with Ian Clark
  • G.P.S for Field data collection
  • How to use a G.P.S device for data collection
  • Mapping Tools combined
  • An area in Ggaba Town Center on OSM before being mapped.
  • An area in Ggaba, trading center after being mapped to OSM
  • Computer Science & Engineering Students at Busitema University
  • Making tracks and waypoints in the field with a G.P.S device
  • Selecting areas from where to collect data


Mapping Day Uganda is a fast growing project which organises mapping events, implements local trainings, generates map awareness, actively pledges open data sets and builds a network of enthusiastic mappers in Uganda.

All activities are set up around the global OpenStreetMap (OSM) project. OSM is a map and database whereby the stored geographic data is owned by the whole world allowing everyone to view, create and use this information such as street maps for free.


Recent Activities

Climate Change awareness Mapping for Climate change

Fruits of Thought , and Mountbatten are organising six Three-day introduction trainings in 'Mapping for climate change mitigation', in Kampala. This training is primarily for decision makers, climate change and GIS professionals, as well as selected organisations and people interested in climate change mitigation. The goal is

Mapping Eastern Uganda on OSM Mapping the Eastern Region of Uganda

Fruits of Thought has just completed 6 mapping day events aimed at expanding Mapping Day and OpenStreetMap Uganda at Universities / tertiary institutions in the Eastern Region of Uganda.
The Universities where the

Mapping Tools Mapping Week at CEDAT - Makerere

This happened for 4 days, cupped with a mapping day event together with the Survey Students. The training week involved activities which gave an introduction to OpenStreetMap, how to contribute data using the various tools, and