Uganda Pentecostal University (3rd University)

Uganda Pentecostal University is one of the major Universities found in Fort Portal.

Uniquely on the mapping trip, it was the first University where we worked with mostly computers running the linux operating system. The lab was set up and is being maintained by the Camara Organisation, we had some of the staff from the Camara offices in Uganda and the University administration joining the mapping day.

Morning Session

On arrival for the morning session, the participants started to settle in the computer lab one by one, consequently some members from the University administration and Camara joined as well, and the number grew big enough to map the University and also get introduced to mapping and the online tools that are used, the interest for this mapping activity could already be felt and determined.

Introductions were made, a presentation given, and a few questions asked before groups were distributed to collect data.

Afternoon session

The four groups that were sent out to collect data were already well versed with what existed within and around the University,

  • they had local knowledge,
  • were eager to know how they can use a g.p.s unit and some papers to make an on-line map with existing information
  • and immediately after they returned, they had to dig into the editing session to update the almost empty area where the University was located on OpenStreetMap (OSM).

This was guided by a clear imagery that could be loaded in both the on-line editor (Potlatch) and the off-line editor (JOSM), as well as the g.p.s traces.

Evening session

By this time, all the groups were ready to present what they had been doing for the day, and each group was to send a representative to tell the rest what results they had come up with.

This is usually an engaging session where light moments of laughter are shared from the work of various groups, and this is a session where there is a final result of how the map looks like after being updated. Evaluation also takes place after a display of the results.

Closing Remarks

All the participants were appreciated, and they were also glad that they could see their work at the end of the day.

Some of the University staff promised to have more students involved by the time another mapping event takes place at the University.

The comparison can be made of the University before and after the mapping day, which is also online.

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