Presentation to the Geo-IM Work Group

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October 7, 2011 - 11:10am -- admin
Presentation to the Geo-IM Work Group

On the 12th of July, Fruits of Thought gave a presentation to the Geo-IM Work Group about Opendata, the recent Kenyan initiatives around this, and about the proceedings of Mappingday.

Fruits of Thought is a collection of projects with the common mission to increase a more valuable and practical usage of internet by stimulating sharing information and collaboration within communities.

The presentation is attached, and contains a lot of screendumps.

The links to find these pages are not in the presentation, but listed here:

The Open definition:

The US Opendata website:

The UK Opendata website:

The Kenya Opendata website:

The Worldbank Data Uganda page:

The Worldbank Finance Uganda page:

The CKAN registry of Opendata filtered on Uganda:

The raw data for the Uganda budget 2003-2007:

The visualisation of that data:

Virtual Kenya Maps:

Bank of Uganda Inflation statistics page:

Openstreetmap, Buckingham Palace, London, Kabaka Palace, Kampala and Muyenga.

Walking Papers and one of our uploaded walking papers.

A downloadable pdf + index from MapOsMatic.

On Itoworld,
the Electricity Network, Carparks, and on opvnkarte, the taxi routes (until they clear their cache, this is only available on this zoomlevel)