OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia at Nkumba University

March 25, 2014 - 5:42pm -- douglas
Wiki Africa and OSM mapping day

The first mapping day was organised together with the ICT department , and some students from the Nkumba University Computing and Information Technology Association (NUCITA) had taken part. This time round, the Students' organisation made all the arrangements, and they invited the mapping team once again for another mapping day and use of OpenStreetMap.

However, mapping day Uganda had intentions of first doing a follow up (challenges, expectations, ideas) since the previous mapping event, and solutions to the challenges. After introductions, and a re-fresher about OSM, the students shared experiences, difficulties with the use of the software, lack of G.P.S devices, internet, using the OSM API for development on android devices, as well as a desire to attend future events when they have been informed directly and on time, since they usually miss out on the information via internet/e-mail communication.

Half a day was not sufficient to exhaust every aspect there was to share, some of the above challenges were addressed with remote mapping for some areas around the University using bing imagery and JOSM software , this was done in 1 hour, which led to the transition into the second part of the day; the Kumusha Takes Wiki project and the Wiki Uganda representative (Blog) , who gave a very interactive and wonderful presentation about the Kumusha Project, wikipedia, the Wiki-media Foundation, then an activation exercise for one of the participants, as well as a practical demonstration of how to contribute on wikipedia.

The crowd was a mixture of students who had taken part in the previous mapping day, as well as new students who were curious to take part in this event, the total number reaching 60 without the 4 facilitators and the head of computer science department who also gave opening and closing remarks to welcome the facilitators and encouraging the students to take up, and use the knowledge and information they had acquired in this session, respectively.

Plans for the next event at (and outside) the University were discussed and will be made in consideration of the challenges and solutions as well as involvement of all those who are interested to move forward with this. An album and pictures were posted on the Facebook page. The day closed with a prayer from one of the students.