Meet up, hands on JOSM, Open mapping

February 11, 2014 - 5:07pm -- douglas
Getting Hands-on with JOSM

The new year's meet-up welcomed a few new people to mapping and OpenStreetMap, who had always wished to attend and get to know what mapping was all about in terms of the steps involved to create an on-line map, and how you can show locations in different geographic areas. The day was also to prepare the mapping team for the mapping day at Busitema University in Tororo.

The topic of the day was getting hands on JOSM, where all the participants were taken through the steps of installing, editing, and uploading data with JOSM software. The meet-up never had a defined structure, but was open for anyone to choose where they wanted to map and welcomed input from the participants on which areas should be a center of focus for future mapping.

There was an interactive talk of how maps are used to access damage of infrastructure: buildings, roads, e.t.c versus casualties according to places of settlement (residential areas) on the map and printed OSM maps to use in times of disaster. Future mapping events will have a focus on any of the relevant topics in similar categories or selected theme topics.

At the end of the day, a discussion was held on the challenges and motivating factors for the new and some of the old mappers who saw various benefits and applicability of maps in different sectors like business, education, fun, leisure, networking, travel, and mentioned that they are more motivated when they map together.