Maptember! Map and Talk Uganda

September 4, 2013 - 7:01pm -- douglas
Active Users in Uganda

Following the successful mapping event on Saturday 31st, and as we move into September, the month with three of the greatest geographic and mapping meetings (September 2013 is "Maptember" in the UK) , we are proud to let the Ugandan OSM community know that we now have a central place where we will officially be sharing information about activities related to mapping and the OpenStreetMap.

The Uganda OSM mailing list, Talk-ug is open to anyone with an interest in OSM and mapuganda. Any ideas, discussions, events and other related topics will be shared on the list. For the new and enthusiastic people who showed up on the mapping day, we should be able to continue our discussions on this forum.

The mapping event collected people with useful, practical ideas on using maps in Education and Road Safety for School going Children, which discussions filled most of the day, there was talk of the Ugandan OSM Local Chapter, and when the next mapping event would be set, so incase you would like to contribute and catch up on all the latest announcements on the upcoming events, join the Talk Ug OSM Mailing list.

Image Source: Uganda stands out in the sub-saharan region with OSM active Users per day.