Mapping Week at CEDAT - Makerere

Mapping Tools

This happened for 4 days, cupped with a mapping day event together with the Survey Students. The training week involved activities which gave an introduction to OpenStreetMap, how to contribute data using the various tools, and the ways maps can be used for different purposes. The students underwent a practical interactive exercise of how all the tools can be used to make digital on-line maps with OpenStreetMap, by doing a data collection exercise for a small area near the University, which was later digitised.

As aspiring surveyors some of the students had a keen interest in the accuracy of the data, coordinates and measurements of buildings, shapes, data collection, and applicability of the mapping activities. Some of the activities were posted on map Uganda's facebook page. The mapping day had some of the students so interested in attending other mapping events, and a narrative was also made at Wiki Uganda, (courtesy of Erina) , who supported the mapping week, together with CEDAT and Fruits of Thought.

A competition with a prize for the best is on going, and details are to be communicated to the participants.