Mapping meet-up: Getting hands on JOSM

Kampala Old Taxi part

The new year meet-up will focus on practically working with JOSM, one of the OSM editors, and we shall go through all the steps involved to edit OpenStreetMap with the JOSM software. There are a few more editors for OpenStreetMap data, like iD, Potlatch, Quantum GIS, ArcGis and a comparison of those editors.

JOSM is a feature-rich editor with an interface which can seem complex at first, but there’s a guide taking you through getting started, downloading some data, basic editing and more advanced editing features, which is intended for beginners to read , providing a simple introduction with some details intentionally left out.

Registration for this event is now open and participants are urged to go through the mentioned guides, come with their own laptops (although there might be possibilities of working in groups), and are also free to choose their own areas of interest or locations to map remotely: more details are on the registration page.

Please keep time, as the event will start late (10:00am), and end early (1:00pm)!! However, any other ideas from the crowd will be looked at and considered for the future events.

Image Source: Data Layer for the Old Taxi Park in Kampala, Uganda loaded in JOSM software.