Mapping the Eastern Region of Uganda

Mapping Eastern Uganda on OSM

Fruits of Thought has just completed 6 mapping day events aimed at expanding Mapping Day and OpenStreetMap Uganda at Universities / tertiary institutions in the Eastern Region of Uganda.
The Universities where the mapping days have been organised include;

The progress of the participants is being monitored by their mapping activities, and the best 3, most enthusiastic mappers from every institution will be invited to network, share knowledge, skills, and experiences for 3 days to create a team of experienced mappers who will complete an on-line map of the cities in

  1. Jinja
  2. Tororo
  3. Mbale
  4. Kumi
  5. Soroti, and
  6. other parts in the Eastern Region where mapping activities have taken place.

Fruits of Thought is a collection of projects with the common mission to increase a more valuable and practical usage of Internet by stimulating sharing information and collaboration within communities, it is located in the heart of Kampala and works closely together with Mountbatten Ltd.

Mapping Day Uganda is a fast growing project which organises mapping events, implements local trainings, generates on-line map awareness, actively pledges open data sets and builds a network of enthusiastic mappers in Uganda. All activities are set up around the global OpenStreetMap Project.