Mapping day in Wairaka - Jinja

Mweva in Wairaka starting to get mapped

Wairaka is situated 10 Km's from Jinja Town - the second capital city of Uganda. Many of the inhabitants operate micro-businesses, small scale farming, while others graze animals. Mweva Centre for Information Technology Develoment (MCITEDI), is a newly started ICT community training initiative for young, low income, homeless, school drop-outs, who are jobless, marginalised and vulnerable in rural areas, to access and learn ICT skills.

One of the programs that Mweva would like to offer is Geo-Spacing Wairaka, where they would like to see Wairaka Village mapped on-line, and with this a mapping day is to be organised in Wairaka, after a four day introduction to the tools and software used with OpenStreetMap.

Mweva strives to make a better day for the youths by providing free on-line training courses, resources and skills to the marginalized communities of Wairaka Parish to gain employable skills in mobile phone software development and build an informed knowledge based society with Technology as the means to stimulate economic development in Wairaka. Mweva works alongside the community to understand the community needs, young people stay within the area to develop the community.