Mapping Day Mukono - Follow-up

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October 7, 2011 - 11:03am -- admin
Mapping Day in Mukono

It's been a while since we last communicated to you (the students of Uganda Christian University- Mukono) who participated, on the mapping day event, but we have been following your progress with mapping, and making your edits on the Open Street Map.

So far we have seen a few of you making modifications which is good, here is a summary for representing features in the order of the groups of people that mapped on the mapping day. Follow these guidelines in case you may find difficulty in finding out the most appropriate features via the wiki. These are meant for the respective groups that covered these features, however, any one interested can edit them if Samuel and the group are unable to update their features, as long as they do not conflict, and as long as you ensure accuracy in your edits.


We covered roads within and outside the University. Roads within were covered by Samuel Okurut and Muyomba Joshua, and Roads outside were done by Kanamugire Godfrey and Evas Karakwende Ampeire, follow these links that best describe the features that you covered:
Roads linking smaller towns and villages are marked as secondary, like the road from the Main (Jinja Road) to the Mukono campus, the suggested link to use is highway = secondary
Roads that have steps have a tag for them: click here, like the steps through the Bishop Tucker Building.
Roundabouts also have a different representation, and we saw some within the University, tag them like this
The highway tagging can be accompanied with other tags for the surfaces of a road, read through the descriptive features for the road surfaces and select the best tag for a road.
You can also have a look at some of the examples in the wiki for naming the roads, however, most of these examples relate to features in Europe and may not be identical to those available locally, so select the features that are closely related to our local examples:

The general description for roads (named as highways in OSM) can also be used in case the above links do not have the best description for any road that is within or outside U.C.U, as you may see it physically.
The next Item will be for the group (Julius, William, Maureen, and Eve) that covered the Buildings within and outside the University.