Mapping day at Kisubi Brothers Univesrity

Kisubi, Entebbe

At the end of October, we are going to hold another mapping day, and it is once again in Entebbe, at Kisubi Brothers University College. Following the previous mapping event, we are going to work with the department of ICT, where the participants will be mapping selected features within and around the University to the OpenStreetMap.

The current location of the University on the map shows little, to no features mapped around the area, but this is hoped to change after the mapping event, which is intended for the students at Kisubi brothers University, registration to attend the event is already complete, and the participants can create accounts which will be used to digitise information to the OpenStreetMap.

The mapping day will be held on Tuesday 29th October 2013, if there are any other participants who would miss out, but still like to take part in the upcoming mapping events, get assistance in organising similar events, subscribe and send a message to the Ugandan OpenStreetMap mailing list where more support and communication about future events happens.

On 25th October, Kisubi University is holding a Commencement Lecture and it's 7th Graduation under the theme: “SERVICE FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT”, it also partners with other Universities like Uganda Martyrs University and Walsh University. The mapping event will probably have topics that cover the above theme.

Image: Source.