Mapping Day in half a day with JCUUganda

May 28, 2013 - 4:12pm -- douglas
Statistics from Uganda

The last time that a mapping day was organised in half a day was on the mapping reflection days during the road trip in November 2012 , for the very first time in 2013 the mapping day on 23rd May, was successfully executed in half a day.

The program of the day included introductions, briefing, data collection, editing and a wrap up, which was promptly followed. The John Carroll University crisis mapping team were starting thier long tour, and mapping day was the first of many projects in Uganda.

Three groups went out to collect data in 3 different areas; Ggaba, Kabalagala and Soya-Bunga, for 3 OSM user accounts to upload data after the editing process: see image on this post, as well as corresponding statistics… . The students easily grasped the process of data collection, g.p.s and editing, which was later uploaded to OpenStreetMap.

There were considerable changes to the areas that were mapped, as features that never existed before were visited, mapped and are now on-line, some experiences and lessons, from the whole exercise were shared as the event was being wrapped up.


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