Mapping Day. Growing the network.

New OSM contributors

We now have 5 new active OpenStreetMap contributors for Uganda from June 2013. Two Information Technology and 3 Information Systems students from U.C.U Mbale and Makerere University, respectively doing their internship with Fruits of Thought.

After 1 month of going through the process of mapping which includes understanding the OpenStreetMap, on-line and off-line editors, data collection with a g.p.s and walking/field papers, as well as using the data collection tools in the field, a mapping day was organized to put all the above to practice and connect the blank areas on the map with accurate data.

This happened on Friday June 21st 2013 where blank areas between Kabalagala and Ggaba were mapped to the OpenStreetMap. The process took half a day and produced good results since the participants were all familiar with the tasks on that day. Editing took place at The Happier Tilapia restaurant in Ggaba.

The interns had brilliant ideas and they came up with a solution to access Internet and easily share the wireless connection with one of the laptops, to complete digitization and the mapping exercise successfully by every group.

Among the features mapped were buildings, land use, social facilities, schools, and businesses that were located around Bunga – Soya. Statistics for every mapper on that day were recorded on their user accounts, and a competition for the highly ranked member with most edits is on-going.