Mapping day follow up at Nkumba University

Set for the mapping day

Five Months after the mapping day at Nkumba University, there is (as usual) a need to have another follow up event to check on the progress, challenges, as well as areas that need support with the participants on the mapping day.

Nkumba University Computing and Information Technology Association (NUCITA) invited mapping day Uganda to hold a mapping day follow up, this time with more Students; old and new participants who would like to get to know more about mapping and OpenStreetMap.

We will also introduce the Ugandan Wikipedian in Community for the the Kumusha Takes Wiki project, who will explain the importance of using Wikipedia, explain the tools, and resources for Wikipedia and the Wiki-media Foundation for this half-day Session.

The event is to take place on Friday, March 21, 2014 and will be aimed at looking at how the participants can be helped to map better and get more involved with mapping activities.