Mapping beyond Mbale University

December 6, 2013 - 5:00pm -- douglas
Nabumali High School, data collection

The mapping event on 29th November 2013 saw 20 mappers from Uganda Christian University aiming to mentor other mappers from Nabumali High School in Mbale (16 Information Technology students), to map some of the features within the school to OpenStreetMap. The day had different sessions where activities to be done were explained, and the mapping platforms differentiated. From the interaction with the students at the school, they suggested mapping all the public Secondary Schools in Uganda.

The event was also aimed at mapping other areas like the trading centre and Nabumali Primary School, but time, among other reasons never allowed this to take place, and although the students never fully participated in the data digitisation process, the visiting mappers were able to edit the data and uploaded it to the OpenStreetMap with all the features that were mapped.