Mapping and ICT for Sustainable Agriculture, Busitema University

February 13, 2014 - 1:41pm -- douglas
Tororo Town, Mapping day at Busitema University

One of the most outstanding landmarks in Tororo is the Hill which is visible in almost any place in Tororo Town, it is commonly referred to as Tororo Rock, (pictured). The OSM, Mapping day Uganda Team, had a meeting with the Tororo Municipality District Engineer, who had a strong interest in mapping and OpenStreetMap, and how this can be applied to the Municipal works in the District. He later agreed to join the mapping day at Busitema University.

The theme for the mapping day was "Mapping and ICT for Sustainable Agriculture", as the University has an Agricultural background and most of the participants (60) were Engineering students from the Department of Computer Engineering and Agriculture. The day was graced with the presence of the Faculty Dean, a representative from the Head of Department, Lecturers and the District Engineer for Tororo Municipality.

Just like most unmapped places on OSM, the University only had a node with a name to show the location of the University, the participants were taken through the activities, tools and software used on a mapping day, and also how to collect data using the tools mentioned. In the afternoon, the collected data was digitised, and more changes were uploaded to the map, which are currently visible on-line, however, the time for the digitisation process was not sufficient and the data collected was left to the students who may upload this at their convenient time, the changes uploaded there after may also need to be checked, corrected and improved (errors and mistakes).

The day ended with a Q & A interaction from the students on how they can use the resources for their Engineering/Developer projects, where they were pointed to one of the resources on OSM. They were also wondering how they can extend mapping further to other communities and areas of applicability in Tororo or beyond, which ideas are hoped to be further followed up by the University and it's partners.