This September, Map Uganda will be travelling and mapping with 5 Universities throughout Uganda. There will be an expected number of 20 participating students per University (minimum), who will be introduced to mapping with the openstreetmap. They will start by updating their Universities, and the surroundings to the free on-line map of the world, and will be covering different features like buildings, land use, amenities, social services and other features of interest for the participants and community.

There will be one mapping event per University, and throughout the trip , a total number of over 100 participants is expected to take part in the mapping exercise. The Universities to be visited include;

The mapping exercise will be done by the students from each University who will be assisted by the mapping team from map Uganda, which includes winners of the mapping challenge organised on 15th and 16th June 2012. Registration for the participating students has just begun and the links to register on the website will be shared by those that are to participate.

Updates about the trip will be shared and constantly posted on mapping Uganda's Facebook. and Twitter accounts.