Making a map of Sekindi Urban Council (Part One)

May 6, 2013 - 1:43pm -- douglas
Sekindi Urban Village Council

Over the last month (April), there has been weekly activities with the Local Community aimed at creating an updated map of Sekindi Urban Village Council in Bukasa Parish - Makindye Division. Two members from Local Council 1 and 2, and another 3rd person volunteered to learn the process of making digital, on-line maps for thier locality (Sekindi) with the OpenStreetMap.

Prior to the actual data collection, 3 OSM user accounts were created: amooti, muyenga and Qiuck. Please note; quick and Quick user names were already taken by other OSM Users, so Qiuck was chosen as the third username for the 3rd Person. The users were then consequently briefed on how to use the OSM data collection tools and editing software, as well as the processes for the whole activity.

The first phase of the process involved data collection with Walking papers / Field papers, g.p.s devices, and local knowlegde; the 3 volunteers knew almost every corner of thier community, and are also involved in Youth affairs with thier registered community based organisation; Tukole Youth Development Organisation and a computer literacy training center; Quick service solutions.

In doing all the above the members mentioned some of the challenges encountered like limited access to internet, the need for facilitation plus earning when long distances or areas are to be mapped, and difficulty in accessing features within barriers. However, the knowledge acquired so far was appreciated, and looking at applying the maps in the other various areas.

The second phase will, among other things, have a printed map of the area, after the data has been formatted as well as re-mapping and correcting some of the features that had been wrongly mapped before, and an update will be posted.