Kisubi Brothers mapping results in 3D

November 13, 2013 - 2:42pm -- douglas
KBUC 3D OSM Buildings

Kisubi Brothers' University was the 2nd University in Entebbe where mapping day Uganda organised a mapping event. As with most places which have not been mapped to OSM, there was nothing mapped within the University, and the field papers downloaded for the area almost missed the location of the University.

However, by the end of the mapping day, there was a completely different story on OSM, where features like roads, buildings, landuse, and other social amenities were mapped and uploaded to the OpenStreetMap, thanks to the enthusiastic participants, the University is better represented on OpenStreetMap.

According to the theme of the concluded 7th graduation at the University, the mapping event was highly considered as one of the activities which can be applied to "Service for Community Development" and ways of extending mapping activities further were discussed and are hoped to be followed up in the near future.

OSM Buildings is a service which uses a shading technique to make buildings appear ā€™3Dā€™ on interactive maps, and a visualisation for the results is available, but still, other attributes to the buildings may need to be included, such as height, material and/or colour to make the visualisations better.

The mapping day was characterised with practical group work, presentations and sharing of experiences, other details can be seen on the mapping Uganda Face book page.

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