Impressive mapping day at Cavendish University - Uganda

March 26, 2013 - 4:12pm -- douglas
Activity statistics on the mapping day at Cavendish University Uganda 22/03/13

The world water day by UN water and the mapping day at Cavendish University took place on the same date Friday 22nd March 2013, however, the mapping day was not focused on water related features, but creation of nodes, ways, and polygons that are used while mapping with the OpenStreetMap to represent different features on the on-line map.

The turn-up and attitude of the participants was great, coupled with the good facilitation from the members from the University's ICT department. The morning session involved creation of OSM accounts, presentations about the background of the project, team grouping, and questions which were responded to.

The afternoon session involved data collection from the field using walking papers, and G.P.S devices/smartphones/mobile applications, some of the traces were uploaded and can be edited by the mapping community. Good interest was showed by the different groups that went out to collect data.

The event ended with a "map and tell" interaction where all the 5 groups showed what they mapped, and an explanation by the facilitators of how and what was taking place to update the map. Despite some internet connection challenges, there are some new features that were added to the map.

The event was a whole learning experience for the participants who stayed up to the end, as the image on this news post shows; the edits on that day for the 5 groups showed over 3000 nodes created, and the map will improve with time, and when other mapping events are held around the University.