Your pair will be mapping the electricity network infrastructure. You will be doing a specific area. Other teams will be doing adjacent area's, and you will be able to connect your part of the Grid to theirs.
Here are a few of the things that you will encounter:

  • Power lines
  • We would like to know all powerlines. We could, if you feel like it map every Pole individually. If you have a GPS, why not?
    If you draw a line between poles, note down the amount of cables that is strung between two poles.
    If you don't records each individual pole, at least note the amount of cables between 2 splits of electricity wires.

  • Transformer
  • There are a few Transformers in the neighborhood. Note down where they are. Try if you can see anything like the following on them:

      1. Name or number
      2. Voltage in and Voltage out
      3. Other capacity indicators
      4. Anything interesting
      5. You can take a picture of them, if you want to!


  • Substation.
  • A substation is a place that is fenced off and which holds a transformer.

    There is a generic page about Power in Openstreetmap here

    All your work will be specifically viewable on this map:

    As a little extra, some of you might run across steps or stairs (that lead upwards). Note where you find them, and also for each of them, how many steps they have, if there is a handrail on the left or the right and how wide the steps are (in meters).
    You will then be able to map the steps using http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dsteps