Appealing crowd, and results at Nkumba University

October 8, 2013 - 2:40pm -- douglas

There seemed to be some sort of uncertainty on whether the mapping event was to take place at Nkumba University on the selected date of 5th October 2013, however, nothing was to stop the event from taking place, and as it was, the day was a success.

Thanks to the department of computer science and the students' computing group/society at Nkumba University, who made all the preparations with the participants, securing a venue and special thanks to those participants who turned up in large numbers and completed the whole program of the day for the mapping event.

The University showed only a name on OSM, but currently there is more than a name, as it shows a lot more features like roads, footways, buildings, land-use, and so on, updated during the mapping event. To come-up with a completely mapped area of the University on OpenStreetMap, more updates need to be made by the students using the same process used on the mapping event.

A follow up event could be organized in the near future to share experiences by the people who continued mapping after the event, and also to do some more mapping with osm. Looking at the weekly statistics for activities on osm in Uganda , clearly shows how active the mapping day on 5th October was.